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Dispose of Unnecessary Packaging Costs

At Holmes Mann, we understand it can be a headache to ensure that all of the goods you send out reach their destination in perfect condition, especially if you deal with fragile items.

You may find yourself having to pay out a huge proportion of your budget on packaging materials forcing you to pass on these costs to your customers, reducing your advantage in an ever-competitive global marketplace.

Dispose of Unnecessary Packaging Costs

How would you feel if we told you that a relatively small investment can enable you to produce your own packaging material for free? Excited? Optimistic? Who wouldn’t be?

A packaging material shredder, such as the Intimus Pacmaster S, can convert unwanted cardboard cartons into huge volumes of stuffing mats which will protect even the most delicate of goods. What’s more, your cardboard disposal costs and the clutter in your workspace will also be vastly reduced. Then, of course, there is the advantage of never having to face disappointed customers who are angry at delays because you or a member of your staff failed to order enough packaging supplies.

There are not many occasions in life when you are presented with a true win-win situation, but this could well be one of them. Intimus packaging material shredders ensure that you are in total control of keeping your precious delicate or heavy items safe in transit. They are also mobile and easy to use.

The shredding of discarded materials will not increase your workload, either, as this type of shredder is designed to be convenient and simple to operate. Instead, the money saved by not having to buy packaging material and dispose of corrugated waste will help pay for the machine in no time at all for any company which ships and receives packages regularly.

It will minimise ordering time and remove the need to store and dispose of mountains of unwanted cardboard, meaning that more of your time and that of your staff can be spent focussing on the most important things in your business — the products and customers.

Intimus machines use a unique patented cutting system which can quickly process up to three cardboard layers at a time whilst offering both speed and capacity options to meet the individual needs of your company. The result is high-quality packaging material which will absorb impacts and ensure your business’s reputation is not tarnished by customers receiving damaged or poorly packed goods.

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