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Deliver an Experience for Your Customers

As the sphere of e-commerce grows and develops, so do customer expectations. It was once the case that customers expected little more than for products to arrive well packaged and undamaged, but in some sectors today customers are increasingly looking to packaging, presentation and shipping to form a part of their overall shopping experience.


Beyond the Basics

This expectation from customers means that some businesses should consider going beyond the basics when it comes to packaging and shipping in order to exceed the expectations of consumers and differentiate themselves from the competition. Creating an unboxing experience that leaves a lasting memory with customers can be key to building a brand and encouraging clients to share their experiences, prompting not only repeat business but new customer contacts as well.

Why Bother?

If you are running an e-commerce business, your shipped package is the major point of contact between you and your customer. This gives it huge potential power when it comes to marketing your products and services. It can be tempting to focus purely on the practicalities when it comes to packaging, but this may simply not be enough for businesses operating in hugely competitive marketplaces.

Branded Packing Experiences

Simply thinking carefully about the shipping and packaging materials and designs you use, or getting professionals to do the hard work for you, can add value for customers and make the most of your major touch point. Your packaging will become exciting and shareable, and your products will be more eagerly awaited than ever before.

In turn, your customers will feel special and included – emotions that they are likely to want to rediscover in the future by reconnecting or staying in touch with your business.

The True Value of Prime Packaging

Packaging and distribution data suggests that over half of customers are likely to buy again from an e-commerce merchant if they deliver premium packaging and a good unboxing experience. Almost half of people also claimed in a study that they would post a picture on social media if items arrived in unique and impressive packaging. So the potential for packaging becomes clearer still.

This means that premium packaging’s value extends far beyond individual customer experience. Social and online recommendations promote loyalty from existing and new customers and increase awareness of your brand. By their very nature, consumers want to share exciting or unusual aspects of your business, and you just need to offer them the material to share.

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