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Create Your Own Environmentally Friendly and Free Stuffing Mats

When you have delicate, fragile or sensitive goods which need transporting, it is essential that they are packaged properly.

Everything from the box or case to the stuffing, taping and wrapping will contribute to the safe delivery of undamaged goods to the customer.

Environmentally Friendly

However, getting the packaging right can be a tricky business. Obviously, the safety and protection of the goods is paramount, but the cost and environmental impact need to be taken into account too. So how can you get the best overall package for your packaging?

The first choice is wood or cardboard for your external packaging. Wood will offer the best protection but may be unnecessary for many goods. Good-quality, strong cardboard is sufficient to protect many goods and is a more cost-effective solution in many cases. Tape, strapping and stretchfilm all add extra protection for the external packaging.

Filling the space around the goods inside your box or case is the next step to minimise any movement and consequent damage to the transported items. There are many fillings available, including bubble wrap, air cushioning, white loose fill material often made out of polystyrene and corrugated paper sheets. However, these fillings all cost money to buy and, in many cases, are not particularly environmentally friendly.

One way to cut the cost of your filling and to improve your environmental credentials is to use materials already available to you, such as empty cardboard boxes. When shredded, the cardboard provides an excellent space-filling and protective stuffing which can be used to pack around loose goods in cardboard or wood boxes.

The corrugated cardboard used to form cardboard boxes is a thick and sturdy material and needs a specialised shredder to deal with it. The Intimus Pacmaster VS is an efficient and reliable corrugated cardboard shredder with a variable speed setting thanks to an electronic gearbox made by Martin Yale International.

The Intimus Pacmaster VS is simple to use and is mounted on wheels for easy movement, making it a flexible solution to any firm’s packaging needs. Sheets of cardboard are fed into the machine up to three layers at a time and emerge seconds later as easy-to-use stuffing mats. The Intimus Pacmaster VS is economical too – it requires only a 240 volt power supply and has a 2,5kW power consumption.

Not only is it the ideal solution to providing free and environmentally friendly packaging stuffing, but it also does away with the cost and hassle of disposing of all those empty cardboard boxes taking up space in the office.

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