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Choosing the Right Colour for Bespoke Packaging

If you want packaging as unique as your company, the expert team at Holmes Mann can help. With our packaging design service, it becomes easy to find the perfect packaging solution.


This can be really important, given the number of choices that you can face when considering packaging options. Did you know, that even the colour you choose can say a lot about your company and products?

If you think you could benefit from our help, simply get in touch. But to start you off, here’s a brief insight into what packaging colours say about a brand.

The Importance of Colour

Colours are really powerful: they have the ability to evoke feelings and thoughts. These can be either negative or positive, indicating how important it is to make the right choice to match your target customer and the products you supply.

Ensure that you consider your consumers fully before making any choice. Even cultural preferences can dictate the colours you should choose or avoid.

Consider These Colours

White: Psychologists may tell you the white indicates a blank canvas and can be used to communicate equality and innocence. It can be a safe packaging choice if a relatively conservative look is appropriate.

Black: This is a colour of authority and control. It can add to the quality appearance of a package and make parcels appear to be of high value – even if they aren’t.

Black is also a versatile choice, offering the opportunity to add accent colours and varying connotations. Silver or gold foil, for example, can create an effective impression of elegance and sophistication.

Blue: Blue is universally the favourite colour of both men and women, making it the safest packaging colour choice.

It can still be important to choose the right shade, however, especially if you don’t want your packaging to look too predictable or if it needs to suit a certain type of consumer. Younger people, for example, may prefer electric blues, whilst an older market may prefer darker shades.

Red: This can be an exciting and evocative choice, symbolising a range of emotions and characteristics. These include strength, passion and enthusiasm.

Dark reds can also be used to indicate luxuriousness, whilst bright reds can be energetic and exciting.

Green: Green can be linked with growth, wealth and security, as well as with harmony and balance. It can also be used effectively when packaging natural or eco-friendly products, indicating items that are healthy or environmentally safe.

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