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Choose Wooden Crates to Meet Your Business’s Unique Needs

Wooden crates are always a popular choice due to their reliability and strength as a packaging options. They can also offer exceptional value whilst offering the flexibility that your company may require.


At Holmes Mann, we specialise in providing businesses like yours with the right budget cases or custom wood crates to meet your exact requirements. This emphasises the way in which wooden boxes and cases can meet the demands of even the most unique of shipments.

Other attributes of timber cases include their durability and versatility. They are cost-effective in terms of their purchase cost and their shipping tariffs.

They are suitable for shipping and storing a multitude of different items and are shock-resistant and easy to carry when sourced from a reputable and experienced supplier such as Holmes Mann.

When choosing timber crates, boxes and pallets, it is essential that you consider factors such as the weight and size of the consignment and the shape of any shipping container.

Another important factor to think about is where any consignment is being sent. Compromising on quality can mean leaving your business open to shipping problems.

We are renowned for designing and providing exactly the right timber packaging to meet the unique requirements of each customer we serve, but we are also well known for our adherence to regulations to ensure that your shipments are not impeded by unnecessary delays or costs.

You can be assured, for example, that our GB FC-56 HT certification from the UK Wood Packaging Material Marking Programme means that every item made from our heat-treated timber meets the stringent ISPM15 health requirements.

Our strict standards mean that you can be confident that our timber boxes and cases are suitable for exporting goods to the vast majority of countries, including Australia, New Zealand, North America and China.

Choosing the right shipping crate may also involve more than just opting for a particular size or material. We understand the importance of environmental concerns and green policies in a more conscientious marketplace, which is why all of our timber comes from sustainable forests.

We believe that such environmental concerns are beneficial to our business, and we know that many companies also feel the same. Most importantly, many clients now choose to deal with businesses with the best green credentials, making choosing responsibly sourced timber crates a potential differentiator when it comes to securing and maintaining clients whilst still protecting every item that is dispatched from your firm.

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