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Packaging Professionals Have Their Say on EU Referendum

The EU referendum is a hot topic for business owners and leaders across all industry sectors in the UK right now, and the packaging sector is no exception. That is why a survey was conducted to poll opinion on whether Britain should remain in the EU or leave. But what were the results?

The answer is that the survey by recruitment firm Harrison Scott in Packaging News found that most clients and candidates within the world of packaging would prefer for Britain to stay in the European Union – although the margin was quite narrow.

The survey found that just over half (56 per cent) of the respondents wanted the UK to continue being a part of the EU, with the remaining 44 per cent stating that they supported the Brexit idea.

The support for remaining in the union was consistent across Scotland, England, Northern Ireland and Wales, although there were a few deviations, most notably in Wales. Here, 52 per of staff working in sales and 51 per cent of business managers said they would vote to get out of the EU, but 57 per cent of technicians and 63 per cent of managing directors in Wales said they would prefer to stay put.

The English totals revealed that 51 per cent of managers said they wanted to get out of the EU, but it was a different story amongst other professionals. No less than 64 per cent of technicians said they wanted to remain in the EU, as well as 54 per cent of sales staff and 53 per cent of managing directors.

Harrison Scott Associate’s joint managing director, George Thompson, said that the number of respondents who chose to take part in the survey indicated the level of passion surrounding the subject of Britain’s position in or out of the European Union. He added that this was not a surprise given the ‘significant effect’ the outcome could have on the industry.

Mr Thompson said that packaging professionals from around the UK were offered the chance to say if they wanted to stay in or get out, as well as being given the opportunity to give the reasons behind their decisions. He said that the company had been ‘overwhelmed’ by the number of people who wanted to share their thoughts and justify their opinions.

Many people argued that leaving the EU would reduce bureaucracy and increase competitiveness. Others, however, said that a Brexit would require the renegotiation of trading terms, causing uncertainty and increasing red tape.

Many, many, many happy returns

125 years on and the Happy Birthday tune never tires within our factory walls. And this years celebration is no exception. Cake, sweets and bubbly drinks - we mean lemonade of course - combined with our MD's New Zealand style BBQ specials, the party's still swinging. 2015 hails as a massive landmark achievement by Holmes Mann and we're proud to say, that during the last 125 years, we’ve: Survived 2 world wars without letting our spirits drop Laughed and cried with Charlie Chaplin, Laurel & Hardy, Tommy Cooper, Monty Python, Spike Milligan, The Young Ones, Mr Bean, Alan Partridge, Vik & Bob, Ali G and so many others, who simply keep the world rotating with their jokes, story telling and sense of brilliant...timing Twisted, shouted, dressed strangely and sung along with The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, The Kinks, The Who, Bowie, Queen, Roxy Music, Motorhead, The Jam, The Police, The Clash, Duran Duran, Take That, The Spice Girls (girl power) and err hum, One Direction Watched in wonder as cinema brought us classics such as Gone With the Wind, Ben Hur, Wizard of OZ, Vertigo, The Godfather ("...make you an offer you can’t refuse"); Rocky (that's right, all of them) The Deer Hunter, Star Wars, ET, Raiders of the Lost Ark, The Shawshank Redemption, Lord of the Rings and a cast of thousands to the big screen; now we’re all glued to our box sets like 24, Breaking Bad, Mad Men and Game of Thrones Voted many a prime minister in and out of number ten Witnessed a moon landing (or did we?) Seen a new wave of holiday makers, those that jump on and off aeroplanes like they were buses Held our breath every time a new disease reared its ugly head, and sighed with relief when a cure was found Dug deep every time a recession was announced but invested heavily when the time was right Cheered when England won the World Cup, sadly now we only dream of winning it again Scratched our heads and wondered why the ‘latest’ tech devise we bought yesterday, was already out of date today Started to accept that occasionally the computer will still say "No" and it's pointless tearing our hair out Stayed faithful to our values, our customers, our people and our home town - Bradford in West Yorkshire. It's our birthday, so if we've not quite captured the sentiment of time gone by in the list above, we hope you'll forgive us. What’s important to us is the next quasquicentennial - the name, according to google, given to a 125 year anniversary - and we look forward to a new, exciting tomorrow. In the meantime, we've got orders for bespoke cardboard boxes, cardboard tubes, palettes, packaging machines and other packaging solutions to fulfil. Enough tripping down memory lane for now and back to work we go.

“…And the winner is, Holmes Mann”

We're not the ones to blow our own trumpet - we normally let the quality of our work and service speak for itself - but on an occasion such as this, it’s hard not to shout from the roof tops. Holmes Mann are proud to be awarded the "Diamond Plus Distributor" accreditation, from SIAT for the whole of the UK. For those perhaps not in the know, this accolade is the highest achievable from SIAT - the global packaging machine manufacturer - in their distributor network. SIAT, the company, has a presence in more than one hundred countries all over the world. It designs and builds a wide range of machinery including fully and semi automatic packaging machines. Machines such as Case Sealers and Case Erectors, Stretch Wrappers, Strapping Tools and Machines, and Tape Dispensers to name but a few. All of these and more, SIAT have entrusted Holmes Mann, above others, to resell on their behalf here in the UK. So why does it mean so much to us? Well, as we're only one of two in the UK, we'd like to think our pedigree speaks for itself. Whilst Holmes Mann is celebrating 125 years in the packaging business, we also have over 30 years of experience working with SIAT. This longstanding relationship with SIAT is a testament to our people, our quality and values and how well SIAT regard us in the packaging industry. So in our eyes, we'd like to think we're winners. To test drive one of these high quality, SIAT packaging machines or to find out if the accreditation award has really gone to our heads, why not call us on the number in this website. We have a dedicated SIAT sales team working hard behind the scenes at Holmes Mann, to make the process flow effortlessly, as well as holding a large amount of spares in stock at all times. Once you've streamlined your production process with one of our SIAT packaging machines you'll wonder why you didn't do it sooner.

Repackaged and ready for action

Welcome, to our newly redesigned website. We're sure you'll be as pleased with the new look as we are to show it off. Our vision for the company is set firmly on progression and moving forward with our customers, and our new website plays a significant role in that. You may notice we've been under the knife with a rebrand that's firmly set our new identity in stone. Take a look around the site and we're sure you'll find whatever it is you're looking for, whether it's a tailor made packaging solution for that oddly shaped product or a humble cardboard box, you can rest assured that Holmes Mann have it covered. Watch this space for further updates.

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