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Case Erection Made Simple

Is your business growing to such an extent that you can no longer assemble the number of containers you need? Perhaps your old carton erector has formed its last box? If so, a Siat Case Erector from Holmes Mann could be the perfect choice for you.

Why spend time and pay staff to construct boxes when a case erector can do the job instead? You will soon see a return on your investment as the Siat Erector does everything from drawing and erecting the carton to sealing the bottom flap with tape. All you have to do is get them filled and out to your customers.

Case Erection Made Simple

Highly Productive

Depending on the dimensions of the machine, the Siat F144 can output around 500 to 800 boxes every hour and the new F344 can go even faster. This translates to ten to 12 boxes every minute if you opt for the F144.

The F144 comes in four sizes to suit your company’s needs and is suitable for either automatic product loading on completely automatic packing lines or for manual lines. It is also compatible with other machinery which you may want to connect, such as a conveyor line, box filler or carton sealer, and it has a 150-hold motorised box storage facility. It will pick up the stored boxes and square them before pushing them into the driving belts.

Safety needs are fully covered by the F144, which will shut down pneumatic and electrical supplies if it is opened. There is a control panel with a brake or end tape alarm and a full-line alarm.

Faster Production

The F344 can erect 18 boxes every minute and can be integrated into your line, with the option of having automatic or hand-filling stations and a machine to close the cartons. It is fully compliant with CE regulations and is fitted with comprehensive safety interlocks and full guarding to give you and your staff peace of mind. The F344 is suitable for cases measuring from 200mm (length) by 150mm (width) by 120mm (height) to those with dimensions of 450mm by 350mm by 450mm.

The Suffolk-based Siat UK company is part of the Linkx Systems stable, which is a distributor and dealer for the Italian manufacturer SIAT SpA. The latter has been in its current business since 1972 and produces in excess of 17,000 secondary packaging machines every year. It has suppliers in over 100 countries across the globe.

Rent an Erector

At Holmes Mann, we offer case erectors and other handy packaging machinery to rent for use on your site. We’re fully licensed distributors of Siat machinery, with an impressive showroom open for visitors to see the magic in action and fully qualified on site engineers ready to tackle the technicals. To get your box up fast, call the packaging professionals.

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