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Carton Sealing with SIAT

The type of carton sealing machinery you require will obviously depend on the type and size of your business and the size of the cases you want to seal.

As one of the world’s leading suppliers of this sort of machinery, SIAT offers a wide range of options to make the company’s machinery a viable choice for a multitude of companies.


Available Options

SIAT case sealers aim to be easy to adjust and simple to use. This may be important if you simply don’t have time to spend on excessive staff training when new machinery is introduced into the operation.

The models on offer include the semi-automatic SIAT UK SR4 and the SIAT S8. The SR4 is for random-sized cartons and can adjust automatically to suit individual box dimensions.

There is also the SR46, which is an SR4 designed to deal with larger carton sizes and a thicker tape width of 75mm – compared to the standard 50mm maximum.

The SIAT UK S8, meanwhile, has taping heads that suit either 50mm or 75mm tape widths, and there is the choice of either three-phase or single power.

Other carton sealer options include the popular SK2, which is a manual adjustment, semi-automatic carton sealer with a K11 taping unit and taping heads suitable for up to 50mm tape widths, and the S26 for larger cartons and wider tape.

A Bigger Business

If your business deals with lots of cartons of the same size and longer runs, there are the SM11-S and the SM11/4-S. The SIAT SM11-S has a double-side driving system to ensure accurate throughput and effectively deals with both the closing and sealing of boxes. It can be used with either 50mm or 75mm tape widths.

The comprehensive guarding included in these machines is another persuasive factor for many businesses. It is suitable for box sizes measuring between 200mm and 600mm in length, 120mm and 500mm in width and 120mm and 600mm in height.

For smaller boxes, the SM11/4 can be used with boxes between 200mm and 600mm in length, 105mm and 500mm in width and 60mm and 560mm in height.

Expert Advice on Offer

There are also other versions of these machines available, and the experts at Holmes Mann are available to guide you in the right direction to fully meet the needs of your operation. Along with a full range of SIAT packing machinery, we also supply a large number of accessories and parts.

To find out more about our SIAT stock and services – not to mention tapping into our fountain of knowledge – simply give us a call today.

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