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Cardboard Is the Star of the Show

You may not think that cardboard is particularly newsworthy, unless you’re a journalist, writing for specialist publications aimed at experts ranging from packaging designers to cardboard tube suppliers, but its sheer functionality actually means that it is rarely out of the news.

If you’re deciding whether cardboard packaging is the right choice for you, just take a look at how versatile it can be, as highlighted in UK newspaper articles over the last couple of weeks.


Did you know that cardboard is capable of deterring thieves – and not just by ensuring that your goods are securely packed in transit? Well, apparently it is, or more specifically, police officers made from the material are!

The British Transport Police have started the latest trial using a cardboard police officer cut-out in a Boots Store in Queen’s Street, Glasgow. It’s supposed to put shoplifters off by making them more aware of real officers on patrol and, if successful, cardboard officers could be popping up in shops across Scotland.

The scheme has already been trialled in Leeds, and it is reported than English police have spent over £50,000 on officers made of cardboard, with more than half of all of the forces in the UK having funded replicas since 2008.

Meanwhile, in Cornwall, cardboard polling booths hit the headlines after the local authority spent over £11,000 to buy 700 booths in a bid to save money. However, it seems that some more work needs to be done on the design, as wooden and plastic models were used during the general election to ensure maximum privacy for voters. The cardboard booths may still get their moment of glory however, as there is a possibility that they will be put to use in 2016 for the Police and Crime Commissioner elections.

Google Cardboard, a fold-out smartphone mount made of cardboard, was the surprise hit of 2014 in the technology world, offering users the chance to experience virtual reality at a fraction of the cost of other equipment. It has proved so popular, in fact, that Google has announced a new certification scheme to unify all of the headsets capable of working with the Cardboard software under one badge.

And finally, a fly tipper from East Sussex was fined after driving almost 300 miles from to Salford to dump some bin bags and two cardboard boxes. He obviously hadn’t read the previous Holmes Mann blogs on how best to recycle unwanted packaging materials.

(Sources: Daily Record, Scotland May 2015; BBC website April 2015; Wikipedia; Manchester Evening News May 2015)

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