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Building a Case for Carton Erectors

If you are considering investing in a Holmes Mann carton erector, you are probably primarily thinking about it as a means of speeding up your production process and allowing more cartons to be created in a shorter amount of time.

There are actually many other ways, however, that these case erectors, as they are also known, can help your business and cause your firm’s reputation to grow. Here are just a few of the reasons why carton erectors are invaluable assets to businesses where the quality and costs are just as important as the number of boxes that can be built.

Building a Case for Carton Erectors

Cost Reductions

You can offer your customers the best possible prices and service thanks to an erector’s ability to produce cartons quickly — without ever requesting a holiday, sick pay or a coffee break. This ensures you can keep staffing costs down whilst keeping standards up. This has got to be good both for your budget and your business.

Products can be packaged and shipped out faster, meaning that you and your staff can then turn your attention to the next business opportunity. Customers will never have to wait unnecessarily long periods and you will not have to foot the bill for items that do not arrive safely or replace those that never arrive at all.

Minimising Errors

One of the major benefits of a carton erector is that it can not only create cartons quicker, but it can also do a better job than other more traditional methods. These machines can often offer different ways to stabilise your boxes, including tape and hot-sealing methods, and these reinforcements ensure safety for even heavy or delicate items. This minimises the potential for accidental loss of stock and customer dissatisfaction. It will add to the professional reputation of your business and lead to repeat orders in the future.


These case erectors can be tailored to meet your specific box requirements, whatever the shape or size, and the erector and sealer can be used individually or be integrated into a production line. This makes it an easy way to individualise your operation in a way that will see a return on your investment in no time at all.

The machines are so easy to use that staff will need no specific training. Even if the usual operator is away from work, it should never be a problem finding a replacement.

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