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Bespoke Packaging – The Best Way to Protect Your Products

Not every product comes in a standard size. Not every item is a standard shape. Some items may be unusually heavy. Other products may be extremely fragile or hazardous. Not every product which needs to be transported from A to B can be packaged in standard packaging materials.

Packaging materials such as boxes and stuffing come in a variety of sizes and formats. They will be suitable for the requirements of the vast majority of transported products. But with the best will in the world, there will be goods where the packaging requirements are unusual for one reason or another.


Perhaps your product is unusually large, such as industrial machinery. Maybe it comes in an unusual shape which doesn’t fit into one of the standard packing boxes. It could be particularly fragile, such as glassware or medical supplies, and need extra protection. It may even contain hazardous materials, for which there are strict rules concerning the packaging.

Whatever the problem, you risk delivering a damaged product unless you ensure the goods are packaged appropriately. Unless your company specialises in packaging materials, you are unlikely to have the expert knowledge and experience to do this properly.

Even if your company has the equipment and machinery to carry out the majority of its own packaging requirements, you will find that packaging machinery is built to a standard design to work with standard measurements. As soon as your product does not fit in the box, you are going to have to think, literally, out of the box.

However, the experts such as those at Holmes Mann, are on hand to help out. For any unusual requirements regarding packaging bespoke services are available. A packaging design expert will be able to assess and measure your goods and put together a comprehensive and appropriate packaging solution to suit your needs. Sometimes adapting existing packaging material is sufficient. When that is not possible, the experts can create a totally new approach to the packaging.

Specialist packaging companies are likely to have access to machinery and equipment which can work to non-standardised measurements and with materials which can offer extra protection. They will also know from past experience the best and most cost-effective ways of packaging unusual goods.

You may believe that when it comes to packaging bespoke services are an unnecessary luxury. But when you consider the time, effort and cost of attempting to come up with a solution yourself which may still end up being ineffective, it makes sense to employ the experts to get the job done properly.

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