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Be Inspired by Old Pallets

You’ve loaded your pallet, used stretch pallet wrap to keep the contents safe and sent your goods on their way.

You can be in no doubt that pallets are invaluable to any business that relies on shipping to get large quantities of their products out to where they need to be. What about all those old pallets that end up lying about, however — the ones which are no longer able to safely transport your goods? Of course, they could be added to your company’s waste pile, but did you know that there are many things that you can do with these pallets to prevent them from ending up at the dump? Here are just a few ideas.

Inspired by Old Pallets

Shelve It

Old wooden pallets can be sanded and varnished before being stacked on top of each other to create an unusual shelving unit. This can be perfect for storing papers and files and has even been used in restaurants to stack plates and store cutlery and serviettes.

Frame It

A wooden pallet frame can make a really striking photo frame, with the minimum amount of imagination and professional skill required. It can simply be cleaned and sanded or given a colourful coat of paint and, with a cheap backing added, is the perfect way to display photographs or even office notices.

Deck It Out

Do not spend hundreds of pounds on new decking when unwanted pallets can do the job. Just make sure that you create a solid surface and the wood is strong enough and in good condition in order to prevent accidents. You will also need to make sure that the pallets are sanded smooth and treated with a protective paint or varnish to cope with even the worst of the British weather.

A Potty Idea

Turn an old pallet into a garden or office feature by using it as a planter. You may need to fill in some of the gaps to stop the soil escaping, but with trailing plants hanging over the side, that unloved pallet can become a really rustic focal point.

Sit On It

One of the most imaginative uses of pallets in an office environment is to use them to create an unusual tiered seating system. Stack one row of pallets, three pallets high, at the back, then another row that is two high. Complete the system with a row of single pallets at the front and cover with cushions to create a really different lecture/meeting room set-up.

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