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Avoid These Common Cardboard Box Mistakes

How hard can it be to package a cardboard box? Of course, it isn’t that hard, but there are common mistakes that are made time and again, particularly during packaging processes employed by small manufacturers. Is your business guilty of any of these?


Choosing the Wrong Cardboard

Using cardboard that is not strong enough or cardboard boxes that are not big enough for the job can lead to damage – to the box and to your products.

Excess pressure on a cardboard box can lead to ‘burst damage’. This is when holes are created in a box’s cardboard, leaving it prone to tearing or collapsing.

This type of damage is most likely to happen when boxes are over-filled or are nor suitable for the job. It can also be caused by heavy items that are packed without enough padding being placed to separate the product and the box’s walls.

This oversight can mean items are more likely to move during transit, causing damage to the box as they shift.

Packaging Tape Overload

Over-taping is a very common problem, but it can have a big effect on your packaging budget. If carton sealers are not used, using too much tape can often result from workers not having a standard tape length to keep to. This is a problem that can be easily rectified.

Other common reasons for over-taping include workers attempting to compensate for when flimsy boxes are being used or when they are using tape that is not wide enough and needs to be doubled up to cover seams.

Misuse of Bubble Wrap

Bubble wrap is perfect for wrapping items that need extra protection, but it is not the best choice for filling empty space in cardboard boxes. Air cushioning pouches are usually a more cost-effective option.

Oversized Boxes

It can be tempting for businesses, particularly smaller operations, to follow a ‘one size will fit all’ policy when it comes to cardboard boxes. The easiest option may seem to be to buy one size of cardboard box and use these to ship a range of different-sized products, but this can be a costly mistake.

Oversized box use can mean oversized packaging and shipping costs – money that could be better spent on buying the right cardboard box for the job.

A box that is too big may need excess packaging inside and will often cost more to ship than a smaller one. There is also the risk to products to consider if large cardboard boxes

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