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Avoid Common Packaging Mistakes

We at Holmes Mann have heard a heck of a lot of stories of businesses sending out products that arrive at their destination damaged or do not arrive at all due to poor packaging or labelling. This can be disastrous for a business’s reputation. It can reduce the number of repeat orders and lead to financial loss due to having to repair or replace items.


A packaging specialist can help to ensure that your goods are suitably protected and your reputation remains intact. There are also some basic steps you can take to minimise the potential for shipping mishaps.

Box Size

It is vital that all packaging staff understand the importance of using the right size of box — and not just the one closest to them at the time. Having too big boxes and not enough packaging can cause items to move dangerously around inside and, if they are well padded, it is likely that excessive packaging materials have been used. This will impact on your budget, both in terms of the amount of materials used and in the transportation costs, particularly if over-packing is a common occurrence. In contrast, a too small box may not leave room for adequate protective materials or may make the box more likely to split or break.


Ensure that the boxes used are adequate for the weight of the products they contain. You must also allow for bearing weight — something that is especially important if you are dealing with larger boxes that are likely to have other items piled on top.

The Green Effect

It is important to maintain a company’s green credentials, but it is also vital to avoid reusing packaging materials too many times. Over time, quality will be compromised. Packaging experts claim that a cardboard box can lose half of its strength every time it is shipped.

Whilst there are undoubtedly many benefits, reusing materials can actually end up costing businesses more than it may first appear. This can be as a result of refunding damaged orders or because of the extra time it takes staff to hunt out the correct box and packaging materials for each order.

The Right Materials

Ensure that you use the correct packaging materials to protect the items you are shipping, and seek expert advice from packaging specialist Holmes Mann if you are unsure of what to use. Wadded paper, for example, is unsuitable for heavy items as it will compress and create a void, and humidity can shrink biodegradable peanuts.

Many businesses also use two-inch tape to secure boxes, but three-inch tape will actually give better security if used to seal the bottom and top seams of a box.

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