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Amazon Sees the Potential of Third-Party Advertising

You may well have considered your packaging’s potential for selling your own brand, but have you ever thought about the potential for revenue that could be gained from offering third-party advertising? Think about the potential for both your business and others that can be gained from cardboard parcels winging their way across the country or even whilst they are waiting to be fed into an Intimus Pacmaster VS or to be sent off for recycling.

The idea is still big news right now after Illumination Entertainment and Universal Pictures signed a major deal back in June 2015 with Amazon to advertise one of their films on its delivery packaging.


Imagine everything from toys to sportswear being shipped to homes and businesses in bright yellow Amazon boxes designed to raise the profile of the animated Minions film – based on the antics of the little yellow creatures that originally made their name in the hit Despicable Me movie. It is the first time that retail giant Amazon has let a third party feature on delivery packaging.

According to Geekwire, a range of different Minions feature on different-sized packages. If you know your Minions then you’ll know the following characters: Stuart’s face was designed for the large boxes; Bob to appear on medium-sized parcels; and Kevin geared up to be the star of the smallest size. If your business is a regular Amazon user, you might want to make sure that the operator of your Intimus Pacmaster VS cardboard shredder isn’t a Minions fan or they might just struggle to put those cute little faces through.

This was not just a deal to publicise the Minions movie, which opened in the UK on June 26. Amazon has never been one to only explore a single avenue, after all. There’s no doubt that the company will be getting plenty of benefits from its deal with Universal and Illumination, but the packaging will also have directed Amazon customers to the retailer’s own Minion merchandise page.

This reveals multi-purpose packaging potential, which can bring in revenue in itself as well as carry out its usual protective purpose and increase brand awareness for the company responsible.

There’s no reason why a similar strategy couldn’t work on a more local level, either. Companies could choose to share packaging featuring complementary messages to double the reach of their brand or even to share the cost of having custom packaging designed.

Perhaps a retailer could feature adverts for one – or maybe even more – of their suppliers? This would allow the retailer to show off their business and the products they sell whilst increasing awareness amongst a potential new and different audience to benefit the supplier. Only a thought for the creatives out there. Don’t forget though, we at Holmes Mann are geared up for bespoke packaging solutions so if you need a hand with the ideas, give us a call. Who knows, like Amazon and Universal working together, our partnership might just be the next big hit.


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