About Us

Holmes Mann & Co. Ltd, Harris Street, Little Germany was established in 1890 by Jonas Holmes to produce rolling boards for the vibrant textile trade that was booming in Bradford at the time.

But times have changed and our business and industry has evolved. Holmes Mann now stands as a specialist packaging company fixed firmly in our Bradford roots. We believe we are experts in our craft and we are proud to live up to our title as “the packaging professionals”, ensuring our reputation for professionalism is upheld in everything we do.

130 years on, Holmes Mann is now a 5th generation family business, with the current MD, Barny Holmes, looking to take a new approach to modernising, re-branding and updating the company profile.

Our repertoire of products and services has expanded since the company’s birth. We offer, Timber Packaging, Cardboard Boxes, Heavy-duty Cardboard Transit Packing, advisory and design services to name but a few.

For all your packaging needs, Holmes Mann has got it covered.

“The business has a great track record and a good reputation for its products, but we need to adopt a more modern and vibrant approach to thrive in today’s very competitive marketplace and with that build a strong base for the future.”

With all those years behind us, we’ve racked up an impressive looking CV.

Here are some examples of intriguing packaging projects:

  • We currently make wooden stands and display units for London High Street Shops and are suppliers to the UK aerospace market.
  • We designed and produced ammunition style cases for Pinewood Studios UK for the Xmen 1st Class movie set.
  • Our largest packing case was made to pack gas separators from Abu Dhabi. The crates were the cubic size of a modern starter home, 40 feet in length and 14 feet in height. We assembled the crates on our client’s site, around the gas separators and required a police escort to the docks.

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